In an increasingly digital world, we crave more than ever the authenticity of real human connection.

PRISME unleashes the magic of the four elements to create shared experiences of movement, light, and emotion that reconnect us with our world, with our senses, and with each other.

“I believe in hope, passion and human power. My ethos is my guide, they are stepping-stones of my thinking process. This is what drives my belief in this extraordinary experience.”

Pierre Marcout

Founder & Artistic Director


We believe in taking our audience on experiential and unique journeys by touching their senses. Our shows are an expression of the soul. They are platforms that allow us to share our dream while surprising  audiences  through the intergration of sounds, visuals, emotions, and the idea of discovery.

Enhanced by innovative and cutting-edge technologies, Prisme brings world cultures, entertainment, and creative imagination to life.